The Limon Waterfall tour, Samana, Dominican Republic

Cascada Lim´┐Żn, Samana, Republica Dominicana

The Limon Waterfall tour, Samana, Dominican Republic

 The Limon Waterfall is a spectacular cascade of 50 meters high, with a beautiful natural pool, located in the community of Limon in Samana, in the Northeastern Dominican Republic. This tour lasts 4 hours. The Limon Waterfall is plunged into a tropical forest on the Samana peninsula.

Colonial Tour and Travel offers you this relaxing and enjoyable excursion you will never forget; A one to two hour ride on donkeys, through a tropical forest, will lead you to the foot of an impressive 55 meter high waterfall. This spectacular jump of crystalline waters located in the community of the Limon in the statures of the mountain range of Samana, in the peninsula of the same name. It is visited by thousands of eco tourists each year. El Limon, the crystalline hair of the Sierra de Samana. Waterfall of the Limon, eternal laughter of the abrupt geography of Samana.

Colonial Tour and Travel presents you this magnificent exploration and excursion to the Salto del Limon with a pleasant and serene ride of one or two hours on a mule or horse through a dense tropical moist forest. Along the way, the visitor can enjoy the lush countryside and a lush tropical vegetation. At the end you reach a hostel where the tourist can rest and take a refreshing drink in a wooden shed as he prepares to walk again along a narrow path that descends to the skirt of the jump.

The Limon Waterfall is made up of three exits through which water flows through a solid green wall, a product of the hundreds of ferns and the presence of a high level of humidity in the area. It culminates in a natural pool formed by its fresh and crystalline water, where you can enjoy a totally relaxing bath.

Returning to the starting point and immediately after enjoying a refreshing swim, you can savor a delicious buffet on a typical Samana ranch. In addition to being able to buy at a good price natural cocoa and coffee completely fresh in grains or ground. Accompanied by an expert guide authorized by the Ministry of Tourism.

Colonial Tour and Travel is a company that protects and promotes the protection of the forests and natural parks of the Dominican Republic, organizing excursions that in no way attack our natural reserves, forests, flora and fauna.

In the Salto del Limon, you should not use any type of motor vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.) or bicycles, but animal traction or walking. This in order to avoid negative environmental impact, maintaining the place with all its natural attributes.

The path or path that leads to the Salto, must be in good condition and should avoid the formation of mud in it. The section of the inclined path that descends towards the Salto, must be walked on foot and build terraced steps, with retaining wall of pieces of wood, as well as placing wooden handrails to one side, for the safety of tourists.

The conditioning of the section mentioned, as of the whole path, is a community work. The path that climbs to the top of the Salto, located to the right in up position, must be canceled, given its inclination and the erosion effects it generates. It must be conditioned the one on the left, creating terraced steps and handrails in the most inclined areas. This work, like the previous one, must be community-based.

The El Limon Waterfall Tour includes:
Transportation in comfortable air conditioned buses from the hotels of Samana and Las Terrenas.
Horseback ride to Salto El Limon.
Accompanying an expert guide
Taxes included
Delicious lunch buffet at a ranch near the Limon, Samana.

Buffet menu at Salto El Limon Excursion
-Fold plate
-Russian salad
White rice, rice and legumes
BBQ Chicken and Chicken Stew
-Carnes and fish to Samana
-Food and vegetables
Tropical fruits and variety of sweets
-Coffee, local drinks

This excursion is only available from Samana and Las Terrenas, except groups of more than 10 people.

Duration of the Excursion
5 Hours from Las Terrenas
6 Hours from Samana

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