Samana Peninsula, Dominican Republic

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Samana, the vacation paradise in the Caribbean

Samana is a heaven on earth, a paradise of the Dominican Republic bordered by lovely beaches of white sands and creams with crystalline turquoise waters and mountains full of coconut palms and a splendid forest, this combo of natural beauties define it as a wonder of nature. Samana is a northeastern peninsula in the Dominican Republic known for harboring the highest concentration of coconut palms per square meter in the world. Majestic landscapes of hills and great beaches of white sands and crystal clear waters. Samana is one of the 32 provinces of the Dominican Republic, it has some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean. Samana is bordered to the North and East by the Atlantic Ocean, to the South by the Bay of Samana and the Province Monte Plata (in the Southwest) and to the West by the provinces Duarte and Maria Trinidad Sanchez.

Samana is a province of great tourist development but with almost virgin places. The development is concentrated mainly in the centers of Samana, Las Terrenas and Las Galeras. The hotel offer in Samana is mostly in small hotels and apartment complexes, there are many modern luxury apartment complexes that offer with all the amenities for a wonderful vacation like the Aligio Las Terrenas, Balcones del Atlantico, Alisei Luxury Village, Albachiara Beachfront, Playa Bonita Beach Club, El Colibri Residences, these resorts do not have All Inclusive meal plans, offer only lodging plans or with breakfast included and have restaurants inside their facilities or on the beach. Samana also has luxury hotels like Luxury Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado, considered among the top 10 All Inclusive resorts in the world, there are many boutique hotels such as Sublime Samana, Viva V Samana and large All Inclusive hotels such as Bahia Principe Portillo, Bahia Principe Cayacoa , Bahia Principe Samana.

The Samana Peninsula is 245 km away. Of Santo Domingo, is an area rich in marble, majestic landscapes can be enjoyed along its roads and wonderful views of mountains bathed by beautiful beaches of white sands. The Bay of Samana is known internationally because thousands of humpback whales or Yubartas are gathered there each year in a beautiful mating ritual, where visitors can walk a few meters and photograph them. Its main center is Santa Barbara, an old fishing village, with a magnificent port and an international airport. The resorts are sparse but of great quality; We can see 5 star structures such as Bahia Principe Samana, Bahia Principe the Portillo of Las Terrenas, Bahia Principe Cayacoa, Bahia Principe Cayo Levantado. Other structures always of exquisite category like the Hotel Aligio, Hotel La Tambota. The International Airport of Samana opened in 2007 receives flights from all over the world, mainly charter flights of Tour Operators from Europe, the United States and Latin America.

Samana has tourist attractions, such as Cayo Levantado, a small island in the northeast of the Bay of Samana, in it are beautiful white sand beaches. Waterfall Limon, a beautiful waterfall nestled in a majestic natural forest. Los Haitises National Park, Las Terrenas Beach, Las Galeras, El Portillo, Playa Bonita, Playa Coson, Fronton Beach, Rincon de Las Galeras.

The Humpback Whale Sanctuary
Each year, during the mating season, Samana is visited by whales and humpback whales, which provide a majestic spectacle for visitors, whale sanctuary is on the way to Cayo Levantado, which allows visitors to see the Whales can also visit the island of Cayo Levantado.

Los Haitises National Park
Los Haitises is one of the main ecological attractions of the Dominican Republic. The Haitises constitute a karst or relief in rocks, tropical limestone in little mountains, characteristic of these climatic zones of the earth. In its external morphology it presents hills, corridors and valleys, and in its internal morphology cavities, some of great dimensions as those of coast. It is a dense coastal wet forest in the southern part of the Bay of Samana, an immense reserve full of caves, Taino pictographs, humid forests, and hundreds of species of birds, many of them endemic. The characteristic that distinguishes this mystical place of the other parks of the island are their mogotes or "lomitas", that reach to reach the 40 meters of height, and cover the complete surface of the park. This phenomenon occurs because of the karstic geography of the region, and the trade winds that, when colliding with mogotes rise and produce rains almost every day of the year.

Waterfall Limon
It is an impressive waterfall of approximately 40 meters of height that falls directly on a refreshing lake, excellent for swimming, located between Las Terrenas and the town of El Limon. This waterfall is beautiful because of its great height, a forest of green with mosses that cover the walls of the rock and the water that flows forming a translucent veil. Colonial Tour and Travel offers an ecological excursion to El Limon waterfall departing from all the hotels of Samana and Las Terrenas.

Las Terrenas
In the 1970s, Las Terrenas was a small fishing village, farmers, beekeepers lived in their huts, without water, without electricity and forgotten, was difficult to access, in 1975 arrives at the Terrenas Jean "French" and inaugurates the Tropic Banana hotel on the beach was the first hotel in Las Terrenas and this started the development of tourism and a significant change in the lifestyle of the settlers. Its beaches are spectacular, soft creamy sand and are the main tourist attraction of the municipality, because they arouse the interest of visitors and residents. They are used for bathing, taking photos, film filming, water sports by the waves and the stability of the winds. The colors of the most beautiful sands that exist. It is located on the Atlantic coast, located on the northern coast of the Sierra de Samana. Las Terrenas beach is scenic, looks like a postcard, full of coconut groves, synonymous with the pure Caribbean. Las Terrenas is where the virginal geography is a song that seduces the tourist. The almost virgin beaches allow an absolute abandonment in the midst of a wild vegetation of wild flowers for the outsiders, being lulled by the song of birds similar to the blackbirds, called chinchulines. The tiny fishing village of Santa Barbara de Samana, founded in 1756, has become a tourist village, but without losing its original airs. There are excellent hotels and excellent gastronomy all along the coast. The main economic activities of the municipality are tourism, trade and fishing. The hills represent an attraction for investors and visitors, whether Dominicans or foreigners who seduce them to build or acquire a second residence preferably overlooking the Scottish Bay. The hills reinforce the beaches as the first attraction because people acquire them to see the sea. Las Terrenas has beautiful beaches: Playa Coson, Playa Bonita, Playa Las Ballenas, Playa Perdida, Poppy Point, El Portillo, Playa Estillero, Playa Moron and Playa Limon.

La Churcha
It is a nineteenth-century wooden church built by liberated Afro-American slaves who emigrated to Samana after being offered free land to cultivate. City of Samana. His name is a corruption of the English word "church".It is a nineteenth-century wooden church built by liberated Afro-American slaves who emigrated to Samana after being offered free land to cultivate. City of Samana. His name is a corruption of the English word "church".

Top attractions in Samana

Hotels in Samana

Samana hotels 

Samana is a spectacular place in the Caribbean that offers all the comforts and natural wonders for an unforgettable vacation. Book your hotel in Samana with Colonial Tour and Travel. Visit and select your hotel in our Samana Hotel Catalog  

Tours from Samana Limon Waterfall

Tours from Samana

Colonial Tour and Travel has prepared for you a fun Tour  Program to complement your vacation in Samana by departing directly from the lobby of your hotel, with all services included.  Book a tour in Samana now !  

Las Terrenas Beach

Las Terrenas Beaches 

Las Terrenas has some of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic. White and cream sand beaches, hot water all year round, crystalline waters and gentle waves, with sun and coconut trees make it an earthly paradise..

Limon Cascade

Limon Waterfall

An impressive cascade is reached by walking or horseback paths through tropical vegetation, wildlife, coffee and cocoa plantations and a variety of tropical fruits to reach this famous Samana waterfall. more

Park Los Haitises Samana

Los Haitises National Park

It is one of the jewels of Samana. This protected park nourishes the tropical jungles that remain on the island, has wide mangroves, many cays and caves; There are animals in danger of extinction. This jungle was used as the stage for the film Jurassic Park.. more 

Fishing Town Samana

Fishing Village Las Terrenas

It is vibrant, with a wonderful nightlife, here there is no space for boredom, it is full of bars, restaurants and pizzerias with excellent gastronomy, there are discos and live musical performances

Playa Bonita Beach

Bonita Beach

 Bonita is very "pretty", worth the redundancy in spanish, consists of two sections, the western part has waters as still as a pool, and the eastern part, in front of the hotels, has more active waters ideal for surfing

Playa Rincon

Bonita Beach

Playa Bonita is very "pretty", worth the redundancy, consists of two sections, the western part has waters as still as a pool, and the eastern part, in front of the hotels, has more active waters ideal for surfing

Rincon Beach

Rincon Beach

All Samana is a wonder of nature, Playa Rincon is part of it. It is a huge beach-bay with white sands that still has not been developed. It has been described by Conde Nast Traveler as one of the 10 best beaches in the world..

Town Princess Samana

Princess Town of Samana 

It is located on La Marina avenue, it is the boulevard opposite the Bay of Samana and its pedestrian bridge, a great attraction for photographs. In "Pueblito Principe", the wooden houses recreate the nineteenth century of the City of Samana..

Fronton BEach Samana

 Fronton Beach

It is a white sand beach, suitable for snorkeling, which is framed by a slope of 90 meters of vertical ascent. It is a very popular place for rock climbing. It is usually reached by water taxi from Las Galeras.

Samana Bay

Samana Bay  

Samana Bay is beautiful. The cruises anchor in the sea in the Bay of Samana and tourists are taken to either of the two docks available in the village, both located near the main shopping centers, the restaurants and the areas where they take tours to cross the city. Some boats can pass directly by Cayo Levantado.

Whale Wartching Samana

Humpback Whale Watching

Colonial Tour and Travel offers you this wonderful tour that you can not miss if you visit Samana from mid December to March, it is the mating season of the Yubartas whales that come to these hot waters of Samana in a beautiful ritual..more   

Some of the beautiful beaches of Samana

El Rincon Beach at Las Galeras
Rincon Beach, is located in Las Galeras, considered among the ten most beautiful beaches in the world due to its natural conditions. Of fine white sand and turquoise blue water is surrounded by a thick and singular vegetation. From Samana you will leave for Playa Rincon by driving along the road that connects with the Galeras or starting from there on horseback through the mountains. An additional and full of adventure is through the sea. The boats are approached from either the town of Las Galeras or some hotels in the area that offer a tour to the beach. The coasts of Playa Rincon are ideal for water sports such as sailing and windsurfing.

Las Galeras Beach
Las Galeras. Las Galeras beach is one of the most attractive stretches of coast of the Samana peninsula. Although in recent years it has experienced a strong tourist growth that takes you away from the deserted and unspoiled beach that was until recently, Las Galeras beach is still one of the purest beaches in the Caribbean. It is one of the areas chosen by many Europeans who have wanted to settle in the Caribbean to set up their hotel business or their shops. There are hotels like the Grand Paradise Samana, Cala Blanca and Todo Blanco on this beach

Coson Beach
Playa Coson Las Terrenas Playa Coson is a wide beach with coconut trees and still unspoilt. It is necessary to go with a vehicle because it is about 5 kilometers from the village of Las Terrenas or is accessed by walking along the beach from Bonita. Playa Coson is ideal for surfing and bodysurfing. There are beautiful hotels like the Viva V Samana on this beach

Bonita Beach
Playa Bonita is paradisiaca, located to the west of the town Las Terrenas, after Playa de Las Ballenas. There are many small hotels and apartment complexes, it is a beach where no access is allowed with vehicles, there is a beautiful paved road between the beach and the hotel zone. You can surf on this beach.

Lost Beach
Playa Perdida is a small beach between Playa Bonita and Playa Las Ballenas, there is a small path that leads to the beach to the right of Bonita. Probably its name comes from the fact that it is isolated and with little tourism.

The Whales
Las Ballenas beach, located to the west of Las Terrenas, it is accessed walking or by car from the town Las Terrenas. There are some hotels like El Colibri, Alisei Spa, Costa Arena Beach, Cayenas, villas, residences and restaurants. It is a beach with a little wind, the most part in the west is more protected. It is one of the most beautiful beaches.

Punta Popy
Punta Popy is located in the extension of the village beach. It is a popular beach, the Terreneros likes this beach near the village. You can walk, it is only 15 minutes walk from the center of Las Terrenas. There are also hotels, restaurants and bars.

El Portillo Beach
El Portillo Samana Located on the road to El Limon is the beach of the Bahia Principe El Portillo hotel.

Estillero Beach
Playa Estillero Deserted beach located between Las Terrenas and El Limon.

The Limon Beach
Playa El Limon is Beautiful beach before the town of El Limon, at the mouth of the river El Limon

Playa Moron
Playa Moron Beautiful beach located near the village of El Limon, very little traffic, accessible by 4x4. There are 4 Wheel tours from Las Terrenas to Playa Moron.

The Gastronomy of Samana

The restaurants of Samana serve the fresh fish of their own region and the shrimp of Sanchez are famous for their pleasant flavor. The fishermen take the catch of the day to the beaches of Las Terrenas and Las Galeras where tourists can get, at a good price, the freshest fish and seafood from all over the country to cook at home. Enjoy the experience of savoring the grilled fish on the same beach, accompanied by a pina colada prepared with fresh juice of crushed pineapple inside a freshly cut coconut. Coconuts and ginger are key ingredients in Samana cuisine; In fact, their typical dish is "fish with coconut". Mi Vieja, on the road to Samana-Las Galeras, sells breads and sweets made in the traditional African-American style. The Pueblo de los Pescadores, in Playa Las Terrenas, is a row of many restaurants and bars. You will find some of the best restaurants in the small hotels that abound in the area, including the Mi Corazon restaurant, in the very center of town, whose chef has been awarded.

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