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Rancho Platon Barahona

Rancho Platon Eco - Adventure - Barahona

The Rancho Platon Eco-Adventure is a structure in Barahona that we think is simply spectacular "- Colonial Tour and Travel

The Rancho Platon has 4 types of cabins located in different natural environments. All rooms have air conditioning, fans, balconies with exotic views and luxury bathrooms equipped with hot water. The construction and decoration in different types of wood gives us a peculiar smell that brings us a pleasant aroma in all the facilities. The ceilings of aluzinc allow us to enjoy the sound of the rain creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Rancho Platon is an eco-adventure tourism project. Its location and design allows us to enjoy the tranquility that nature offers us and at the same time have the opportunity to use these resources to enjoy an adventure. It is a truly relaxing experience where you will learn to appreciate the simple things that nature offers us, such as letting yourself be carried away by a river, enjoying a refreshing swim under a waterfall, or simply delight your eyes with the beautiful landscape. Offer the best eco-tourism destination in the South of the Dominican Republic, offering luxury rooms, excellent international and national cuisine, served with the highest quality and the best service; achieving the perfect balance between quality, conservation of the ecosystem and at the same time living an adventure

They teach customers to appreciate and preserve all that nature gives, to make known the surrounding areas and promote the culture of the place. Educating the community about ecological preservation, so that over the years the following generations have and can enjoy a sustainable environment without pollution.

For this reason it is important to know that Rancho Platon operates 100% pollution-free because:
They use the electrical energy produced by the four hydroelectric plants that work simultaneously using the water from the rivers in the area without harming or contaminating the riverbed.

They use energy saving light bulbs in all the facilities even producing their own energy.
All the pools are natural, without chemical treatment and are designed so that the water of each one follows its natural course to the Nizao River.
The wastewater is treated by natural means with septic and filter wells.

The biodegradable solid waste will be used for animal feed and the non-degradable waste is transported to Santo Domingo for recycling.
They use their own aqueduct system, the water is taken from the very source of the river free of pollution.
They use toilets that discharge with little water (less than the standard 2 gallons per flush) and use low-flow showers (less than 3 gallons per minute), even with the aqueduct itself.


Rancho Platon Eco - Adventure Barahona - Pictures

Gastronomy at Rancho Platon

Rancho Platon's dining room is surrounded by trees and natural pools, where you can taste succulent national and international dishes combining tropical fruits, fresh seafood caught in the area daily, vegetables, vegetables and food produced by the locals of Plato. Cooked and prepared by the chef from the area properly trained by highly qualified technicians.

The dishes are served "a la carte" for individual customers, but we will have the option of offering a buffet for groups whose cost will be included in the rate. If someone in the group prefers to order from the menu dishes, you can do so without any problem but it will have an additional cost for this.

Accommodation at Rancho Platon Barahona

Main Cabin
This was the first house that was built trying to imitate the original house of the 50's. Its rooms share a relaxing outdoor terrace where you can watch the fall of a beautiful waterfall that ends in a natural pool of cold and refreshing water .

The main cabin has 3 rooms:
Cascada 1: Includes a Full bed, bathroom, water heater, air conditioning, fan and balcony.
Waterfall 2: Two full beds, two cabins, air conditioning, bathroom, water heater, air conditioning, television with DVD and two balconies.
Cascada 3: Includes a Full bed and two cabins, bathroom, water heater, air conditioning and fan.

Cabin for Groups
In Rancho Platón this cabin was created with ample spaces that offers all the comforts to accommodate groups. Its concept is young and is focused on adventurous people.
It has two bedrooms:
Trunk 1 (capacity for 10 people maximum): Includes two full beds and three cabins, air conditioning, fans, bathroom, water heater and gallery.
Trunk 2 (capacity for 8 people): Includes two full beds and two cabins, air conditioning, fans, bathroom, water heater and gallery

Cottage in Las Palmas (Tree House)
This cabin is the greatest inspiration of Rancho Platon. It was created to satisfy and fulfill the wishes of every child to have a house in the dome of a tree. For this reason a large cabin was built on top of palm trees approximately 3 stories high, with rooms that offer the best comforts. The experience of sleeping in a house above palms, enjoying the beautiful landscape on the top of the trees, surrounded by the exuberant birds and animals of the countryside, makes you feel in true contact with nature. Let the song of the birds be the alarm and when you raise the landscape, relax the sight and the body.

This cabin has two rooms:
Palma 1: Includes two full beds, air conditioning, fans, bathroom, water heater, and a large balcony overlooking the river.
Palma 2: Includes two full beds, air conditioning, fans, bathroom and water heater.

Cabin between Bambúes
This cabin is located among beautiful, leafy and giant bamboo providing an atmosphere of exclusive privacy. The waterfall adjacent to it offers a sound that will be music to your ears.
This cabin has two rooms:

Bamboo 1: Includes two full beds, air conditioning, fans, bathroom, water heater, and a large balcony.
Bamboo 2: Includes two full beds, air conditioning, fans, bathroom, water heater, and a large balcony.

Other Facilities in Rancho Platon
Rancho Platón has four natural pools, a waterslide, a playground, a meeting area, a restaurant and a terrace where you can appreciate a beautiful waterfall.

Services & activities at Rancho Platon Barahona

Horses and Mountain Bike
Come and enjoy this beautiful ride on horseback or by bike through the mountains and rivers of Plato. The routes are designed to take you among the small communities where you will get in touch with the culture of the area. This is an adventure ride in which you will be surrounded by nature enjoying the tranquility and beauty of the place.

Come and enjoy this amazing slide! You just have to take a tube, climb to the top and let yourself be carried away by the water! This slide is approximately 80 meters long and ends in a beautiful natural pool. Dare to make this adventure and get ready to feel the speed !.

We will take you on a route where you can see the communities and the surroundings of Plato. You can meet people and at the same time see the vegetation and fauna of the area. Come explore and learn all about this beautiful place.

You will also have the opportunity to sleep in places with the best views, enjoying the tranquility of the area and appreciating the landscape that combines blue payas, crystalline rivers and the beautiful vegetation of the mountains

Tubing and Kayac
This activity is the ultimate adventure for the whole family. Dare to ride in one of the tubes or kayak and you can feel the adrenaline as you cross the fast waters of the Nizao River. This is a combination of action, nature and a unique adventure experience. Includes professional guides, basic training and essential equipment: life jackets, protective helmet and appropriate clothing should be worna


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