Paradise Island or Cayo Arena, Puerto Plata

Tour Cayo Arena - Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana

Paradise Island or Cayo Arena, Puerto Plata - Dominican Republic

Colonial Tour and Travel presents this beautiful tour to Paradise Island , one of the most beautiful and paradisiacal places of the Dominican Republic. Paradise Island, whose real name is Cayo Paraiso or Cayo Arena, is a coral islet located in the Northwest of the Dominican Republic off the coast of Puerto Plata in Punta Rucia. Of incredible beauty, this little island is plunged in such a beautiful landscape that people think they are in a dream. Imagine sunning on a small island lost in the sea surrounded by white sands and crystal clear waters that you can visualize the background with incredible clarity, its colors ranging from turquoise blue to emerald green, well ... literally that is precisely this little kay called Parasdise Island.

This sandy bank that is frequently visited by hundreds of tourists, is a jewel of nature, a true paradise of the Caribbean. It is difficult to tell them the size of this cay because it shrinks and expands depending on the seasons of the sea currents. Cayo Arena is located in one of the driest areas of the Dominican Republic.

Our Paradise Island Tour
Colonial Tour and Travel, offers you this wonderful tour departing from Santo Domingo in comfortable air conditioned buses and experienced drivers, accompanied by a professional guide, we will take the road to the North of the Dominican Republic and travel this way to Puerto Plata, Full of splendid landscapes full of vegetation and mountains, we will pass through Santiago, the second most important city of the country.

We continue to Punta Rucia a picturesque and small fishing village on the coasts of Puerto Plata, Punta Rucia beach is located in La Isabela Bay, an area characterized by its magnificent white sand beaches and some The most rugged and arid landscapes of the country.

From there we will board our boats, in this way we will be able to appreciate the flora and fauna of the water way and we will visit the national park where we will navigate through the mangroves with a display of wonderful natural colors. If we are lucky we will be able to see closely the famous "Manatee", a placental mammal of the order Sirenia popularly known as marine cows. Only one genus of this species survives. The word "manatee" in the Caribbean indigenous language means "with breasts."

After 45 minutes enjoying this unforgettable boardwalk aboard our boats we will finally dock to Cayo Arena and we will be fascinated by the beauty of this piece of sand nestled in these coasts of the North of the Dominican Republic, here we will have free time to do snorkeling and observe Many species of fish of all colors, take photos, take a refreshing dip in their crystal clear waters, talk to the fishermen who come to the island or lie down in the fine sands.

We will have prepared a delicious Creole lunch buffet with national drinks included in Punta Rucia.

The tour to Paradise Island includes:
- Transportation in comfortable air conditioned buses from Santo Domingo and from Puerto Plata
- Approach in Punta Rucia in comfortable boats with all the security measures up to Cayo Arena
- Free time for snorkeling and sunbathing
- Walk through the mangroves
- Visit to the Monte Cristi National Park
- Visit to the Islets
- Accompaniment of an expert guide
- Delicious Creole Lunch Buffet in Punta Rucia
- Taxes included

Buffet Menu in Cayo Arena
-Fold plate
-Russian salad
White rice, rice and legumes
BBQ chicken
-Steamed fish
-Tropical fruits
-French bread
-Caf�, local drinks

Duration of the Excursion
7 Hours from Puerto Plata
9 Hours from Santo Domingo

The duration of this excursion from the departure of the excursions is 8 to 9 hours from the departure of the point of origin

Paradise Island Tour - Pictures


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