Manati Park Bavaro, Punta Cana

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

Manati Park Bavaro - Theme Park, Punta Cana

 Manati Park Bavaro is a fun theme park located in Bavaro, Punta Cana. Manati Park Bavaro is a fun special theme park for the whole family. Located Punta Cana in the Eastern Dominican Republic, it is an incredible spot with splendid gardens brimming with orchids and tropical plants. In it you can live with nature, approaching the fauna and flora of the Dominican Republic. During your stay in Manati Park Bavaro you can enjoy varied shows, restaurants, local craft shops and souvenirs. You will also have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, something you will not forget.

The Super Shows in Manati Park Bavaro
Manati Park Bavaro is a fun theme park, unique in the Dominican Republic, which offers horse shows, parrots, dolphins, sea lions, Taino dances, in Manati Park you can enjoy the most attractive shows in a unique setting in Bavaro-Punta Cane.

Watch the funny pirouettes of the parrots, astonish of the jumps and sympathy of the dolphins, follow ecstatic the artistic dance of the horses in the complicated exercises of the High School. Manati Park presents nine shows throughout the day, so you can organize the visit to the park to your liking.

Swim with Dolphins in Manati Park Bavaro
Manati Park offers you the possibility of living a unique experience: swimming with dolphins !. In the clear waters of the pool of Manati Park, and under the careful supervision of our caregivers, you will be able to fulfill a dream that you will never forget and that will count on your family and friends, always prolonging in memory your visit to Bavaro- Punta Cana.

Taino Town of Manati Park Bavaro
Lost among the most lush tropical flora of Bavaro-Punta Cana, the Taino Village of Manati Park is a living replica of the culture and folklore of the Dominican Republic. Impress yourself with the singular beauty of wonderful ritual dances that the artistic picture of Manati Park will recreate before your eyes, transporting you to a remote and forgotten past. In the Taino Museum of Manati Park you can see authentic pieces of Dominican art: statues, paintings, costumes ... whose replicas you can buy in quaint shops of crafts and souvenirs: exclusive pieces made by authentic craftsmen before their eyes, with the same materials And procedures used by our ancestors.

Fun with Animals
In Manati Park has developed a new concept of fun with animals. Get close to iguanas, flamingos, tropical birds, snakes, crabs, sea lions, dolphins ... caress them and discover their world from the hand of experienced caregivers who will satisfy your curiosity at every moment and answer your questions: all staff Manati Park, at your service, to make your visit to Bavaro-Punta Cana an unforgettable experience.

Shops and restaurants in Manati Park
Pausing among so many emotions in Manati Park, relax and enjoy a delicious and refreshing cocktail, or replenish forces with a delicious lunch prepared at one of the specialty restaurants. In Manati Park you will find a pizzeria, a Burger, a barbecue ranch and a snack bar where you can taste the most varied culinary specialties of Bavaro-Punta Cana.

Ah! And before returning to your hotel in the fun "guagua", do not forget to visit the stores of souvenirs and handicrafts of Dominican Republic, where surely you will find that detail that you looked for to give ... or to give oneself

Nature and Conservation
Manatee Park is nature. Nature is Manatee Park. Manati Park works to protect our own: our Flora, our Fauna ... which belongs to everyone. Manati Park, in collaboration with several national and international institutions, develops education, research and breeding programs of indigenous species of the Dominican Republic in danger of extinction: iguanas, caimans, flamingos, tropical birds, snakes, sea lions, parrots ... Your visit to Manati Park, in Bavaro-Punta Cana, contributes to the success of these programs ..

The Manati Park Bavaro tour includes:
-Transportation from Punta Cana and Bavaro hotels round trip on the picturesque bus "La Guagua de Manati Park.
-Admission of the Park
-Tour Guided in the Park
-Parrots Show
-Equestrian Show
-Taino show
-Taxes included

Manati Park Bavaro - Pictures

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

 Dolphin Show at Manati Park

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

Dolphin with kids at Manati Park

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

Swim with Dolphins at Manati Park Park

Manati Park Bavaro - animals, Punta cana

Pictures - Manati Park

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

 Manati Park Bavaro

Manati Park Bavaro - Sea Lions, Punta cana

Sea Lions Show at Manati Park

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

Manati Park Bavaro

Manati Park Bavaro - Dolphins, Punta cana

Swim with Dolphins at Manati Park

Manati Park Bavaro - Taino town, Punta canas

Taino Town at Manati Park Bavaro


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