Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo Republica Dominicana

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The First City in America

Colonial Tour and Travel recommends to all visitors that come to vacation for the first time to the beautiful beaches of Dominican Republic to leave the comfort of the resort and at least for a day, visit the Dominican capital with its historic Colonial City.

Santo Domingo de Guzman, capital of the Dominican Republic, was founded on August 4, 1496 by Bartolome Columbus in the eastern part of the Ozama River, is the first city founded in America. Located on the south coast of the island, bathed by the Caribbean Sea. Its complete name was La Nueva Isabela, Santo Domingo of the Port of the Island of Hispaniola, and served as base for Spanish expeditions to the newly discovered lands. Its historic center, the Colonial Zone has more than 300 museums, houses and historical monuments. It is a place that deserves to be visited and contemplate its museums, monuments and houses built in the time of colonization, there, you can see the first cathedral founded in America, the Columbus Alcazar, former residence of Don Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus , The monastery of the Dominicans, home of the first university of the New World, the house of the Bastidas, the house of the Jesuits. Santo Domingo was born under the name of Nueva Isabela and later replaced by that of Santo Domingo de Guzman, is a mixture where the history of the colonization of the continent becomes pure passion to the rhythm of merengue. Neither his current status as a tourist center with a first class hotel and all the consumerist temptations of such condition, could erase the traces of his incredible stories of adventurers of all kinds. A museum piece, adventure book in full sun, cultural and political center of the country, the self-proclaimed capital of Americanism has everything to show.

No one can visit the Dominican Republic without knowing its magical, historical and romantic capital Santo Domingo, which was the first city in America and city where new first fruits of the New World were produced, here exists the First Cathedral of America and established the First Archbishopric, received the first title of city (1503), was the first city emblazoned in America (1507), first fortress, cathedral, hospital, among others. Santo Domingo was founded in 1496, on the left bank of the Ozama River, by Bartolome Colon, brother of Christopher Columbus, and was baptized Nueva Isabela in honor of Queen Isabela of Spain. Eventually, here was established the first Spanish colony in the new world..

Colonial City of Santo Domingo

It is a city full of magic and charms, declared by UNESCO as World Heritage Site in 1990. The Colonial City is one of the most important tourist destinations in Santo Domingo and the most visited in the Dominican Republic. The Colonial City is just the place where New World history began. It is located on the eastern side of the mouth of the Ozama River. It was founded by Bartolome Colon on August 5, 1496 and then transferred to the western side in 1502 by Nicolas de Ovando. It was also the first city to which the Spanish Crown granted the Royal Charter and headquarters of the New World administration.

At the beginning of the sixteenth century, the first colonial dwellings of the American Continent were erected in Hispaniola. These first houses were built for the Spanish conquistadors and immigrants. They were built in the eastern part of the Ozama River, the first of which were founded by Christopher Columbus and his brother Bartolome Colon and then moved to the western part of the river. The Colonial City is full of colors, flavors, carnival joy, merengue and very hospitable people. This historic center has been recently restored and both its monuments and its beautiful old streets have recovered all their magic and lucidity and reminds us of those magical moments in history. The entire historic center of Santo Domingo has colonial buildings and streets with old cobblestones of great tourist attraction, such as the Alcazar de Colon that belonged to Diego Colon, the Museum of the Casas Reales, the pre-eminent cathedral of America. Due to the tourist development of the area, there are many beautiful hotels concentrated mainly in the center such as the Conde de Peñalba Hotel, Europa Hotel Boutique, Billini Hotel Boutique, Mercure Comercial, Hostal Nicolas de Ovando, Hostal Palacio, Doña Elvira Hotel, Hotel El Beaterio . Most of the hotels are in the old Calle El Conde and Calle Las Damas.

The Colonial City at night is vibrant and cheerful, the Plaza de España and other places of the center will find many restaurants, bars and nightclubs. There are an incredible amount of restaurants with high level gastronomy, as well as inns and inns. We will be able to select among restaurants of gourmet Creole food such as Restaurant Jalao, Restaurant Buche and Perico, Meson de Bari, as well as many with exquisite international dishes such as the famous Pat'e Palo Brasserie, Pura Tasca, Lulu Tasting Bar, La Briciola, La Alpargateria, Angelo, Restaurant Billini, Saint Nicholas, Restaurant El Conde or Restaurant America. In the Plaza España there are daily folkloric and cultural shows from the Ministry of Tourism, as well as jazz, rock, merengue open air shows, there are also many art galleries, and paintings by renowned artists are exhibited. Every year is the Colonial Fest, a cultural festival that every year has been gaining popularity and popularity of visitors and locals  

Metropolitan area of Santo Domingo

Beacause the Dominican Republic is the country with the fastest growing economy in Latin America, reporting a 7% growth in GDP. Increased tourist arrivals, its capital Santo Domingo, has become a modern metropolis with a majestic hotel offer, high skyscrapers, huge shopping malls and squares with high fashion shops, beautiful avenues filled with fine dining restaurants offering dishes from all over the world, an immensity of bars, lounge bars, nightclubs, Santo Domingo has the Santo Domingo Metro, first Underground subway in the Caribbean, the tallest buildings in the Caribbean, La Torre Anacaona 27, 171 mt high and the Caney Tower, 153 mt high. The Dominican Republic is the main tourist destination in the Caribbean and in recent years has maintained an average hotel occupancy rate of 85%, for this reason has been strengthened its offer in the tourism sector and large investments have been made in new Rooms, due to the great demand of tourists, whether for leisure or business, not only in the tourist resorts of the beach but also in the Dominican capital. There are great hotels with category 5 stars like JW Marriott, Embassy Suites, Barcelo Santo Domingo, Intercontinental Real Santo Domingo, Crowne Plaza, Sheraton Santo Domingo, Jaragua Reinassance, Holiday Inn, Catalonia Santo Domingo, El Embajador Hotel, New Hard Rock Santo Domingo Of 40 floors and many more of different categories that make up the large hotel offer of more than 6,000 rooms of the capital of Dominican Republic. The boom of large malls does not stop in Santo Domingo, they have high fashion stores, shoe stores, toys, jewelry, gifts, crafts, supermarkets, movie theaters, restaurants area. The most important are Agora Mall, Sambil Square, Gallery 360, Silver Sun Gallery, Acropolis, Blue Mall, Blue Diamond, Santo Domingo Downtown, Novo Centro, Bella Vista Mall, Megacentro, Multicentro Churchill, Centro Cuesta, Plaza Central.

Gastronomy at Santo Domingo

Dominican cuisine is one of the most outstanding in the Caribbean. It is the result of Spanish and African influence as well as other countries around it, except that the Dominican adds the typical flavors of its land. So in the city of Santo Domingo you can find the best of the national cuisine, because there is a wide variety of restaurants dedicated to gourmet Dominican cuisine. The secret is in the Dominican condiments (seasoning or sofrito), in which, the oregano, the garlic, the onion, the peppers, the tomatoes, the capers and the olives make the difference. The most famous Dominican dishes are the "flag" (rice, beans and stewed meat), tostones, sancocho, moro, locrio, spicy goat, fried chicken, Boca Chica style fish. There are many restaurants of Creole food in Santo Domingo, the most popular are Adrian Tropical, Jalao, Buche Perico, El Conuco, Meson de la Cava, El Higuero, Restaurant El Conde, Meson de Bari, Travesias, La Barrica. There are many chic restaurants and lounge bars where young people and adults gather, there are some dancing and others offer live music like Julieta, Loretta, Mitre, Mix, Laurel, La Posta, Collate, Gloria Bendita, Lulu, El Patio de Lucia, La Briciolita, SBG, Hard Rock Cafe, La Barrica, Capital, Casibajagua, Olivia, La Dolcerie

The cosmopolitan city of Santo Domingo is constantly reinventing itself. Each month new restaurants open its doors to satisfy the demands of the crowds of visitors and locals. Going out to eat is excellent in Santo Domingo, a city that lives to socialize until the early hours of the morning in the many places that offer breakfasts or at noon, taking advantage of the special offers of lunch, and also during the night. Most of the restaurants are located in the Central Polygon, in the areas of Naco and Piantini, including the busy avenues Gustavo Mejia Ricart and Winston Churchill; The Malecon; The Chinatown, and in the Colonial City. Santo Domingo has more restaurants than any other city in the Caribbean and Central America. Dominican, Caribbean, Latin, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese specialties are served, many with Dominican flair and, of course, fresh ingredients from the area. There are many meat restaurants such as Patagonia, Madera, David Crocket, Andres Carnes, Asaderos los Argentinos, De Luis Parrillada, among others. Also, excellent Italian cuisine such as Cassina, Angiolino Trattoria, Angelo, La Locanda, Osteria Da Ciro, Il Capriccio, Il Cappuccino, La Forchetta, Il Caminetto, Forno Bravo, Il Bacaretto, Aglio Olio, Dolce Italia, among others

Top Santo Domingo Attractions

Hotels en Santo Domingo

 Santo Domingo Hotels 

Book now your hotel in Santo Domingo with Colonial Tour and Travel, here we present all the hotels of different categories in the Colonial Zone, the Malecon and the Central Polygon of this beautiful city, Hotel List in Santo Domingo  

Excursiones desde Santo Domingo

 Tours from Santo Domingo

Colonial Tour and Travel has prepared for you a wonderful Tour Program, cultural, exciting, ecological, marine and city tour that you can do from Santo Domingo or other areas, pick-up directly from your hotel lobby .  Book a tour now !  

Catedral de Santo Domingo

Cathedral of Santo Domingo

The Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor in the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, Gothic architecture, is the oldest cathedral in America, begun in 1512 and completed in 1540 and is one of the main tourist attractions of the historic center. The visit is included in our City Tour of Santo Domingo

Parque Colon Zona Colonial Santo Domigo

Columbus Park

The Columbus Park, baptized as Plaza Mayor in 1516, is one of the parks of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo, served as a party center in colonial times. It is currently used as a center for cultural activities and is part of our City Tour of Santo Domingo.

Alcazar de Colon Zona Colonial Santo Domingo

Columbus Alcazar

Palace of Don Diego Columbus, Christopher Columbus' son' house, who was governor of the island. It was built in 1511. It is another of the tourist marvels of the Colonial Zone, in the now functioning Museum of the Alcazar and is included in the City Tour Santo Domingo 

Plaza de España Santo Domingo

Plaza de España

This plaza in the Colonial Zone is loved by visitors, is full of restaurants and bars of excellent gastronomy with outdoor tables, there are musical, cultural and folklore shows of the Ministry of Tourism and private several times a week.

Santo Domingo Moderna

Santo Domingo modern area

The Central Polygon of Santo Domingo is developed, avant-garde and maintains the splendor of its green forest in avenues and parks, you will enjoy modern shopping malls, beautiful buildings, an immensity of restaurants, bars, cinemas, events centers..

Malecon de Santo Domingo

Malecon de Santo Domingo 

The capital's famous oceanfront promenade or Malecon, is one of the most attractive main roads of this beautiful city and one of the most important luxury hotel areas of Santo Domingo, it has many miles with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea bordered by palm trees.

Metro de Santo Domingo

Metro of Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo has the most extensive and modern metropolitan rail system in Central America and the Caribbean. It is a means of underground transport that moves daily thousands of people moving in the capital city 

Historical sites of the Colonial City

In the Colonial City there are more than 300 historical sites, streets, monuments and houses of great figures of the colonial era built by the Spanish conquerors, the Colonial Zone is small with 16 short streets with architectural gems from the 16th century to the beginning of the century XX. The cobblestone streets and iron lanterns lead to many small museums, shops, hotels, restaurants and bars that are hidden in all the streets, Colonial Tour and Travel includes a walking tour of this beautiful Historic Center::

Antonio Montesino
Alcazar de Colon
Altar of the Nation
Cathedral of Santa Maria la Menor, First Cathedral of America
Casa de Bastidas
Casa del Cordon, the oldest stone building of the New World (1502)
Casa of the Currency, in the early Renaissance style
Casa of the Davila Family
Casa de Diego Caballero
Casa de Hernan Cortes, French Embassy since 1999 and thought to be the former house of Hernan Cortes
Casa of the Gargoyles
Casa of the Jesuits
Casa de Juan de Viloria
Casa de Juan Pablo Duarte
Casa del Sacramento
Casa de "El Tapado"
Casa del Tostado, now the Museum of the Dominican Family (Museo de la Familia Dominicana), the only civilian building in the New World with a period gothic window
Calle El Conde
Calle Las Damas
Calle Las Mercedes
Chapel of the Franciscan Third Order
Chapel de los Remedios
Chapel del Rosario
Chapel de San Andres

Church and Convent of the Dominican
Church of the Dominican Third Order
Church Hospital San Lazaro
Church Las Mercedes
Church of Nuestra Señora de la Altagracia
Church Nuestra Señora del Carmen
Church Regina Angelorum
Church of Santa Barbara
Church of San Miguel
Ceiba of Columbus
Colonial Sewer
Convento Santa Clara
Fort of El Angulo
Fort of La Carena
Fort of La Caridad
Fort of La Concepcion
Fort of El Invencible
Fort of San Diego
Fort of San Gil
Fort of San Jose
Fortaleza Ozama
Gate de la Misericordia
Gate de las Reales Atarazanas
Gate de San Diego
Museo del Ambar
Museo Larimar
Museo Naval de las Atarazanas
Panteon Nacional, in a former Jesuit church
Parque Colon (Columbus Park)
Palace of the Captains
Palace Consistoral
Palace of Borgella

Hermitage of San Anton
Hostal of Nicolas de Ovando, in a 16th-century patrician house
Independence Park
Modelo Market
Monasterio de San Francisco (Ruins of the Franciscan Monastery)
Museo de las Casas Reales
Museo de la Catedral
Museo de Juan Pablo Duarte, in the house where the Dominican Republic's national hero was born
Museo Memorial de la Resistencia Dominicana, honoring the struggles against the Trujillo and Balaguer regimes
Park Independencia
Plaza de España
Plaza Fray Bartolome de las Casas
Plaza Duarte
Plaza Maria de Toledo
Plaza Montesinos
Plaza Pellerano Castro
Plazoleta de los Curas
Plazoleta Padre Billini
Puerta del Conde
Real and Pontifical University of Santiago de la Paz and Gorjon
Remains of Ancient Walls
Royal Shipyards (Reales Atarazanas)
Ruins of the Hospital San Nicolas de Bari, the New World's first hospital
Ruins of San Francisco
Stronghold El Conde
Steps of Las Damas

Santo Domingo City Tour by Colonial Tour and Travel

Our Santo Domingo City Tour, includes pick-up drop-off from any hotel or area of ​​the Dominican Republic in comfortable and modern buses with expert drivers, accompanied by a professional multilingual guide, we will first visit the Colonial City, we will arrive at the Lighthouse to Colon where rest the rest of Christopher Columbus, we will visit the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, first cathedral founded in America and El Alcazar de Colon, located in the beautiful Plaza de España, built by Bartolome Colon, converted into a museum as it looked in those years and with all its Original relics. We will take a walk along Calle de las Damas, the most romantic of the city, we will visit the Amber Museum, a yellowish brown stone formed by the resin of the trees and whose main characteristic is that it frequently contains fossils of insects and small plants already Extinct, is the national gemstone. We will then have free time to shop in different typical gift shops and will be able to purchase the famous Lime dolls, handicrafts and Dominican paintings as well as tobacco, rum and Dominican coffee. The full day excursion also includes a delicious lunch in a famous restaurant of Dominican food, to taste our typical dishes and then visit the National Park of Los Tres Ojos which is a cavern with a freshwater lake, divided naturally into three lakes Which are only seen from within and a single lake that can be seen without having to be inside. Located in the eastern part of Santo Domingo. Then we will go to the modern part of the capital and we will make a panoramic visit the Center of Culture, National Theater, Museum of the Dominican Man and Gallery of Modern Art.

The Santo Domingo Night Tour
Night Tour: It would seem that people never sleep in the Dominican Republic, where the population enjoys an active social life. The relaxing and safe lifestyle lends itself well to the long hours of nightlife. The nights start early with happy hours from 5 to 7 at night, sometimes to the beat of a bottle of Dominican rum. Our Night Tour is only available from hotels in Santo Domingo, Boca Chica and Juan Dolio. We will depart in comfortable and modern buses and accompanied by an expert guide. First visit the Plaza de España and have an aperitif or beer in a bar in the Zona Colonial. At the request of the group we can dine in a typical Dominican restaurant, from there we will go to the Merengue Bar of the hotel Jaragua Reinassance to enjoy a live Merengue show and those who prefer can forget the world in their casino that is considered the largest in the Caribbean.

The Santo Domingo City Tour includes:
Transportation in comfortable air conditioned buses from Punta Cana-Bavaro, Bayahibe-La Romana, Boca Chica, Juan Dolio or Santo Domingo to Santo Domingo City, entrance to Los 3 Ojos Park, Visit to the Colonial City of Santo Sunday, Entrance to the Alcazar de Colon, Entrance to the Cathedral of Santo Domingo, Entrance to the Lighthouse to Colon, Free time for Shopping. Visit Amber Museum, Tobacco Shops, Larimar, and gifts, Accompanying an expert guide, On the full day excursion includes a delicious buffet lunch at a famous Creole Food Restaurant with drinks included, Taxes Included

Buffet lunch menu at the Santo Domingo Excursion
Varied types of rice, white, locrio and moro. Bread, Cazabe. Russian salad. Green salad. Roasted chicken, BBQ chicken, Creole meats. Foods such as yucca, bananas. Tropical fruits. Bread, Coffee. Local drinks
Duration of the Full Day Tour
8 Hours from Punta Cana. 7 Hours from Bayahibe-La Romana. 7 Hours from Juan Dolio and Boca Chica. 6 hours from Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo Trikke + Colonial Gate 4D

A fun and exciting way to sightsee the First City in America, a 2 hours guided tour driving the wonderful Trikke 3-wheels through the Colonial Zone of Santo Domingo, the first city founded in America, with its wonderful monuments, old streets and we will finish at the Colonial Gate 4D, where we will see an exciting animated documentary of 15 minutes, we will live the sensations of a fourth dimension cinema: vision, sounds, movements, fragrances and temperatures. In the Colonial Gate 4D you will be part of an adventure you will never forget, we will take you to 1586, when the fearsome pirate Sir Francis Drake invades the walled city of Santo Domingo, you will be part of the battle, dodging the balls fired by the guns, avoiding being reached by the sharp swords of the pirates, you will fly over the walled city and you will see it burn in flames feeling the heat on your face ... you will be part of the story.

The Battle of Santo Domingo is an investment experience. Visitors will enjoy the invasion of the corsair Sir Francis Drake to the walled city of Santo Domingo in 1586. This film, produced exclusively for the 4D platform, tells the story when this fearsome corsair invades the city of Santo Domingo in 9 languages ​​simultaneously. We will take the audience on this exciting journey, where they will have to dodge the cannon balls ... avoid being hit by the sharp swords of the pirates ... fly through the colonial city ... see the city burn in flames and feel the heat on their faces.

Santo Domingo Trikke + Colonial Gate 4D Program:

- Start tour in the Colonial Zone.
- Colon Park
- El Conde Street
- Hospital San Nicolas de Bari
- Duarte Park
- Convent of the Dominicans (Stop for visit Quinta Dominica and Agua)
- Observation Monument Fay Anton de Montesinos
- Pellerano Castro Park
- Las Damas Street
- Plazoleta del Reloj del Sol (Visit Royal Houses)
- Plazoleta Spain
- Visit Ron Museum
- Visit Casa del Tostado
- Entrance to Colonial Gate 4D

What's included:
- Trikke certified guides.
- Santo Domingo Panoramic Tour
- Audio-guides system.
- Protection Elements (helmet, knee and elbow pads)
- Photo package
- Staff (2) Trikke Tour leaders
- Taxes
- Use lockers
- Use of changing rooms
- Free wi fi
- Water
- Tour time 120 min