The Descent to the Fun Fun Caves

Tour Cueva Fun Fun - Adventure tour Dominican Republic

Fun Fun Caves Descent - Adventure Tour

Colonial Tour and Travel offers you this exciting adventure to the Fun Fun Caves. It is an unforgettable experience to know one of the largest caves in the Dominican Republic. This adventure surpasses the limits of the known and takes you back to the stone age. Start an incredible adventure with a delicious breakfast of tropical fruits, then delivery of uniforms and brief training with guides and high security equipment.

A horse ride and then a hike through a moist forest until you reach the mouth of the cave, where you will descend about 20 mts. In the cavern you will discover its colorful tunnels and gigantic corridors with stalactites and stalagmites and the whisper of underground rivers
Fun Fun Cave
Being in the mouth of the cave, let us prepare ourselves for a descent in rope by rappel from a height of 20 meters approximately to the interior of the cave. Always in the hands of expert professional guides. And now inside the cave, discover the beauties of the dark, its colorful tunnels and gigantic corridors. A spectacular route of stalactites and stalagmites, petroglyphs, rock art and the magical whisper of an underground river.  No other experience so exciting. It will take you back a second ride to the ranch's dining room, to end this incredible adventure with a rich buffet of healthy and delicious Creole food and drinks. Below is detail point by point the content of the Cave Fun - Fun tour.

1- Transfer in coaches perfectly conditioned to Rancho Capote (the duration of said transfer is of 2 hours 30 minutes approx..)
2- Arrival at Rancho Capote, where you can get a snack consisting of: ham and cheese sandwiches, natural juices, fruit of the time, coffee and milk.
3 Equipment with clothes suitable for the excursion: special suit, water boots, harness and protective helmet with autonomous light.
4- Transfer on horseback a part of the route approximately 40 minutes, always advised and supported by expert professional guides.
5- Walk through the forest, in the middle of nature (National Park of the Haitises) 35 minutes approx. While we reach the mouth of the Cave.
6 - Sliding into the cave, making Rappel, assisted at all times by expert professional guides, maintaining at all times the measures of "Safety", without the need for the customer to make any effort. The height from the mouth of the cave to the interior of the cave is 20 meters approx.
7- Walk through the interior of the Cave where a journey of approximately 2 kilometers will take place. Of the 8 kilometers that the Cave has so far explored. In this walk an expert guide will explain one by one the beauties of the Cave.
8- The Cave has an underground river during the tour, which we will cross several times, but when arriving to the canyon where we must swim to reach the other shore will be optional, at will and desire of the Client, cross it or take an alternative route.
9.- Arrival at the mouth of the Cave on foot, where a national drink is offered and again rides on horseback to return to the ranch. The time in this case is about 15 minutes approx.
10.- Arrival at the Ranch where the Client has the option to shower or otherwise bathe in the river that has the Ranch, then enjoy a succulent Dominican lunch consisting of: rice, beans, stewed chicken and / or goat stew, Charcoal chops, salad, fried bananas, fruit of the time coffee and milk. All accompanied by a national drink.
11- Time to rest the food, and return of the clients to their respective Hotels or to the point of return

Where are the Fun Fun Cave?
It is located in the province of Hato Mayor del Rey in the east of the Dominican Republic.

Why should we visit Fun Fun Cave?
Because in addition to having a great time, it is a very complete excursion, with breakfast, food, rappel equipment, horses, professional team. It is a fun day full of adventure and where you have the opportunity to enter into nature and enjoy the landscape, animals and underground world that exists inside the cave. It is an excursion that makes you climb the adrenaline, unlike any other that is being offered. It is adventure tourism and ecotourism at the same time. Important: The Fun Fun Cave excursion is an adventure and not risky excursion, since at all times the clients are assisted by authentic professional guides, who also speak different languages, to the delight of the customers.

The Fun Fun Cave Tour includes:
Transportation in comfortable air conditioned buses from Dominican Republic hotels to Rancho Capote. If it is a group excursion then choose the starting point indicated by the organizers. Breakfasts and tropical fruits, special equipment for the descent, travel to Horse, walk in the forest, descent in the cave Fun Fun with all the security measures. Delicious buffet lunch at Rancho Capote, All taxes included. Buffet Menu at Rancho Capote of Fun Fun Cave Tour: Rice and Beans, Russian Salad, Chicken Stew, Goat Stew, Salads and Bananas, Tropical Fruits, Coffee and Local Drink

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