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Rancho Constanza, also called Mountain Cabins, is a tourist project dedicated to ecological tourism, located in the municipality of Constanza, on the hill La Loma del Penon, at 3,600 feet high and 2 km from the city of Constanza, Dominican Republic. With a wonderful average annual temperature of 16 degrees, It can be described as a rustic hotel model built on concrete but adorned with unique details. It has 10 Standard Rooms for couples, 1 Single Suite for 2 paxs and 1 Double Suite for 4 paxs as well as 12 Villas type A with rustic designs and with capacity for 5 paxs making them very practical for families. In which you will enjoy a semi-rural environment where the bonfires, chimneys, pine forests, agriculture, flowers and strawberries shine. Hotel Rancho Constanza has an exotic design that simulates a ranch of the old North American West.

The Rancho Constanza hotel has an exotic restaurant, finding typical healthy food with very good seasoning and unusual homemade desserts, hybrid fruit juice delights from our own Garden, Club House with Basketball Court, Ping Pong, Children's Games, Chess, Volleyball, Domino, etc. Full American Plan (FAP) preferred for visitors who want to fully relax and take communion with nature includes: Accommodation in a Room or Villas, typical meals of breakfasts, lunches and dinners accompanied by natural juices. Together Excursion Options such as: Fruit Tour with more than 90 species and their respective scientific names and in English; Night camp with dynamics; Aroma Tours, in a curious and magical competition of scents composed of aromatic and medicinal herbs such as: Camphor, Mint, Anise, Berron, Cinnamon, etc .; Tour in a Flower Garden.

The municipality of Constanza, with all its sections and sites, is one of the most unique places not only in our country but in the Antilles. To strengthen this assertion we have more than 26 species of birds endemic to the area; A climate exceptionally different from the rest of the country, with temperatures ranging from 12 to 20 degrees in Constanza and from 0 degrees to 10 degrees in Valle Nuevo. Regardless of these particularities, there are geographic riches that allow the visitor to experience in their own flesh the experience of feeling the clouds that touch the mountains of the Central Mountain Range. Threads of waters that join when descending, forming streams and waterfalls that invite the tourist to take contact with the nature. To know the richness of the valley of Tireo and Constanza, that developed in a particular climate has the attribute of producing plants and fruits of temperate climates, as well as the own ones of the tropic

Within our project we have the unique Garden of fruit and medicinal trees of the region, composed by exotic plants of other climates and tropical fruits, with a variety of more than 90 different species; Part of the activities we offer include a visit to the Garden of fruit and medicinal trees, guided by a guide who gives you explanations of place on different uses and applications, scientific names, origins, etc. (based on sources of naturism)

This activity conceived for all the public, carries a pedagogical contribution that gives them the necessary knowledge of new species of plants and fruits, almost always unknown by the participants. The visit to the Flower Garden, monitored by a guide, provides knowledge of planting, pruning and selection, which is of great interest to ladies, eager to know how, where and when to plant and what type of fertilizers to use.

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Gastronomy at Rancho Constanza Hotel

The Rancho Constanza hotel also has an exotic restaurant, thus finding typical healthy food with very good seasoning and homemade desserts out of the ordinary, hybrid fruit juice delights from our own Garden.

EP Plan : Plan only lodging. Not included: fruit tour, night camp, hiking, horse riding, rappelling, aroma tours.
FAP Plan: Accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners. Also includes: fruit tour, night camp, hiking, horseback riding, rappelling, aroma tours.
Map Plan: Accommodation, breakfast, dinner. Also includes: fruit garden and horse riding.

Accommodation at Rancho Constanza Hotel 

The Rancho Constanza has 14 standard rooms and 2 suites, with hot water, windows overlooking the valley of Constanza, the suite with balconies, which give it a romantic touch, a conference room with capacity for 150 people.
El Rancho Constanza has family cabins type A, with ceramic floors, two bedrooms, living room, dining room, fully equipped kitchen to feel at ease in a country house. It consists of 12 Cabins varied and Swiss type and a Hotel with 14 rooms type Suite and Simple, the cabins have all one and two rooms equipped, one double with full bed and another for four people with a bed and a stateroom, living room , Color television, hot water, kitchen with all its appliances, with capacity for six people per cabin, also consist of BBQ, and fireplaces.

Facilities and services at Rancho Constanza Hotel 

The Rancho Constanza Hotel has areas for camping with Color TV remote control with cable service.

The return to the valley where you can see the fields, to see the man of the field using the craft means with the modern means of production, manual and mechanical seeding, irrigation by gravity or by pumps. You will also see in this activity the old house of the dictator Trujillo today converted into the regional offices of the Agricultural Bank etc.

The impressive view of the valley, lined with vegetable carpets of different colors, combines with the visit to the town of Constance, its old park, fruit market of the region, view of the old Hotel Nueva Suiza, etc.

Climbing the mountain trails, up to the peak of 80 is one of the most attractive activity, as it offers the visitor the opportunity to enjoy the most splendid and impressive views, which are obtained as you ascend.

The visitor is provided with an expert guide, with the appropriate equipment for such activity. Its duration is approximately 1:45 minutes, always subject to the time that is available in the summit to observe the landscapes.

On the trip to the triple jump of Las Aguas Blancas, the highest of the Antilles, you will pass through the village of El Convento where you will see the strawberry field of Oso Grande and other exotic fruits.

The transport is done in suitable trucks with seats, passing through the municipality of Constanza. The duration of the excursion is three hours.

Tours from the Rancho Constanza
WHITE WATER EXCURSION: 31/2 HOURS; The highest jump of the Antilles of 87 meters, and located at a height of 1,800 mts. Over sea level, Transport by truck Safaris. Pure Adventure!
13 PEOPLE Minimum, Toast and Advisor
Note: Agricultural Guides available for student groups

By bus; 2 HOURS, Visit to the Sites of Greater Historical Interest and one of the most important Gardens in the area.
14 people (minimum) Guide and advisor


THE BATH OF THE GUESTS 3 � HOURS, We provide entertainment equipment.
14 people (minimum) in guiding guide bus, lifeguards and toasts

One of the most complete Collections of the country that ascends to 75 species of fruit trees distinct of both temperate and tropical climates. (Minimum 6 people)

2 to 3 � HOURS, We provide equipment such as binoculars, gloves, ropes, communication radios, toasts etc. (Test Species Prior to Duarte Peak), (Minimum 8 Persons)

2 � Hours, It is known the different vegetables that are produced in the most productive valley of the country as well as details of them.
By bus with capacity 35 People and van.
14 to 32 people on bus, with agronomist advisor
Accommodation rate available.
Social Work Program Available (60 hours) Special for Schools in two days of field ..

Other activities

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