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Chocolate tour: One Hundred Years of Freedom Celebration Dance Tour

Chocolate Full Day tour. Colonial Tour and Travel, always committed to showing our clients the most beautiful natural landscapes of the Dominican Republic, invites them to discover this beautiful ecological excursion to explore the cocoa plantations and the manufacture of chocolate in the Dominican Republic.

The Dominican Republic is one of the main organic cocoa exporters in the world. Cocoa, an indigenous product of America, has been a central part of the economy of this country, the primacy of the New World, since the beginning of the European colonization of the island. An integral part of the Dominican diet, the quality of our cocoa is one of the best chocolates in the world.

Our Chocolate tour will take us to the old sugar plantations in the north of Santo Domingo. What was once part of the largest plantation in the Caribbean, is today a free-spirited and cultural paradise where a plethora of local producers produce the highest quality cocoa and are the ones who preserve our Taino and African heritage. They will be able to appreciate all the facets of cocoa cultivation and will have the opportunity to collect cocoa by hand, select some beans and participate in the different steps of the process. We will visit the local plant where all independent growers come together to process the grains under the highest standards of Free Trade and Organic Certification. We will introduce you to all types of cocoa and our guide will instruct you on the history of these beans, which were once used as currency.

The journey will continue at the Guillén brothers' farm / atelier, where a group of chocolatiers will toast and grind the cocoa by hand and make chocolate for your enjoyment, while inviting you to be part of the process. The lesson will conclude with a demonstration of how to enjoy a good cup of Dominican chocolate, casabe, and homemade cornbread. A tour of the clay workshops, the ceramic wheels and the kilns will enchant you, as brothers, sisters and cousins ​​turn the earth into gods and the history of an indigenous past.

The trip will continue with a meal prepared outdoors, with your selection of meats and vegetable roots and your choice of beers and cocoa wine. The tour will end with a musical festival of Dominican-African rhythms inspired by sugar cane and drums.

This tour is certified by Conacado (through the cooperation of DFID - International Development Department and the BLCF - Business Unions Challenge Fund) and IDEAC (through the cooperation of Intermon Oxfam and La Caja del Mediterráneo ). Part of the proceeds will be donated to these local organizations.

The Chocolate Full Day Excursion includes:

Important: This Tour is only available from Santo Domingo and Boca Chica

09:00 Departure from Santo Domingo

10:30 Panoramic tour of Santo Domingo from the bus, Santo Domingo Norte

11:00 First stop: The City of Yamasá: Tour of the Cacao processing.

12:35 Second stop: Demonstration of cocoa preparation and we will taste the Chocolate at Rancho El Guillen

12:55 Tour of the ceramics in the Guillen brothers workshop.

12:05 Festival of Folk Music and African Rhythms

01:15 Lunch at Rancho Guillen

02:45 Free time for shopping

04:15 Return from Rancho Guillen to Santo Domingo

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